ADOPTED: 9/22/1995

REVISED: 9/13/1996

REVISED: 10/20/2000

REVISED: 11/16/2001



Election Procedures


for the preparation and conduct of elections for Officers and Trustees of the Polish Home Association (PHA) in Seattle, WA for 2002 and future years.


Meeting Preparations:


1.    The preparation of elections and election procedures of the Election Meeting are the responsibility of the Election Commission appointed by the President of PHA.


2.    The Election Commission is composed of 5 (five) individuals, with the Chairperson appointed by the PHA President.


3.    Members of the Election Commission may not be candidates for any office to be elected at the said Election Meeting.


4.    The Election Meeting is defined as the second segment of the Quarterly Meeting held in January of each year. The January Quarterly Meeting is prepared by the retiring PHA officers and the President serves as Chairperson for this first segment; the Election Commissions’ sole responsibility during this first segment is to establish a quorum. The Chairperson of the Election Commission serves as the Chairperson of the annual Election Meeting in the second segment.


5.    The annual Election Meeting shall always be held on the last Saturday in January at 3:00 PM at the PHA in Seattle, WA.  The annual Election Meeting is called by the President of the PHA as a Special Meeting.


Voting Eligibility:


1.    All members of PHA are eligible to vote or become candidates for election who have paid membership dues no later than December 31st of the year prior to the Election Meeting and have been members of PHA no later than July 1st of the year prior to the Election Meeting.  “Paid Membership Dues” means that money (cash or check) has been deposited with the PHA treasury. The list of voting eligible members is closed December 31st of the year prior to the Election Meeting.


2.    All eligible voting members unable to physically participate in the Election Meeting for any reason will be able to vote by proxy in accordance with Section 8 of PHA Bylaws.


3.    All eligible voting members whose signatures are on file with the Correspondence Secretary will receive proxy forms from the PHA Election Commission by January 15th in the year of the Election Meeting.


4.    All eligible voting members whose signatures are not on file with the Correspondence Secretary and wish to vote by proxy must report to the Election Commission in person to pick up a proxy form and sign the eligible voter list. Members of the Election Commission will be issuing proxy forms at PHA at times to be announced. A minimum of two dates will be established. Eligible voting members unable to travel to PHA due to illness or old age (only) should contact the Chairperson of the Election Committee who will arrange home delivery of the proxy form. Eligible voting members, who for any other reason are unable to personally sign the voter list, have the option to send in a notary certified signature, addressed to Polish Home Association, c/o Chairperson of the Election Committee.


5.    Payment of PHA membership dues will not be accepted between January 1st and the Election Meeting.



PHA Elected Officer and Trustee Positions:


1.    Positions to be elected at the annual Election Meeting:

Board of Trustees - composed of 15 individuals.

Chairperson elected from and by the elected Trustees.

Audit Committee - composed of 3 (three) Trustees.

Chairperson elected from and by the Audit Committee.


Vice Presidents

Senior VP, Administrative VP, Financial Planning VP, Cultural VP,

Entertainment VP, Maintenance & Remodeling VP, and (if necessary) Special Affairs VP.



Correspondence Secretary and Recording Secretary.


2.    The Board of Trustees is obligated, fulfilling its role as the overseers of the Polish Home Association, to undertake a search for candidates for the position of President and recommending him/her to the membership.  The recommendation should be presented to the membership in the Election Newsletter and at the Election Meeting.


3     The candidates for President shall search for and recommend such candidates for the PHA Officer positions as their recommended slate of candidates.


4     The above points (points #2 and #3) do not change the fundamental principle that every member has the right to become a candidate for any office of the PHA, including President.


5     All eligible PHA members interested in becoming candidates for PHA elected positions are required to submit in writing to the Election Committee, in the exact form in which the candidate wishes the information to be presented to the voters at large, their interest for a specific position by January 5th in the year of the Election Meeting. The Election Committee shall present the candidates written information, without any changes to the content, in the election pamphlet. The election pamphlet will be mailed to all eligible PHA voters no later than January 15th in the year of the Election Meeting. A proxy form, along with an election pamphlet will be sent to every eligible voter.


  1. Only individuals who submit their candidacy for an elected position in accordance with the above nomination procedures shall be considered to be valid candidates for PHA Officer and Trustee positions.


  1. For the positions of PHA President and Officers, in the event that there is only one candidate for a particular office, the voting card should allow for voting FOR or AGAINST the candidate.                          


 The Election Procedures have been written in English and in Polish and should be equivalent. The English text is the only official version and will be used for all interpretation of procedures.