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Sabrina Krewin urodziła się w USA, ale wychowała się w środowisku i duchu polskim, szlifując swój polski język w szkole polskiej i na zbiórkach zuchów a później harcerzy przez 10 lat w Domu Polskim w Seattle.  Trzeba przyznać, że Harcerstwo miało bardzo duży pozytywny wpływ na ukształtowanie jej charakteru, zwłaszcza takich cech jak samodzielność, organizacja i odpowiedzialność.  Po powrocie do Seattle ze studiów na UCLA, a przed wyjazdem do Ghany jako wolontariusz z organizacji Peace Corps, Sabrina pomagała w prowadzeniu zbiórek zuchów, przekazując swoje cenne doświadczenia kolejnym szeregom polonijnych maluchów.

Od półtora roku Sabrina uczy głuchonieme dzieci historii sztuki i prac artystycznych, mogących w przyszłości stać się źrodłem utrzymania tych upośledzonych dzieci. Zajęcia prowadzone są w języku migowym, opartym na bazie języka angielskiego (Ghana do czasu otrzymania niepodleglości była kolonią brytyjską i język angielski jest nadal powszechnie używany).  Niedawno szkoła otrzymała w formie donacji 9 komputrów i 400 książek.  Ponieważ pawilony szkolne są otwartymi na przestrzał konstrukcjami (dach wsparty na słupach), nie stanowią żadnej ochrony przed pyłem wiatrów pustynnych jak i zabezpieczenia mienia.  Z tego też powodu ta cenna donacja nie może być używana podczas zajęć szkolnych.  Sabrina razem z kierownictwem szkoły opracowała projekt wybudowania dwóch pomieszczeń, pokój komputerowy i biblioteka.  Projekt został zaaprobowany przez Peace Corps i ulokowany na stronie internetowej Peace Corps a Sabrina zaapelowała do wszystkich swoich znajomych z prośbą o pomoc w zbiórce pieniędzy na ten cel.  Poniżej zamieszczony jest jej list informujący o szczegółach tego projeku oraz fotografie ze szkolnego kampusu. Wszystkim ofiarodawcom na ten fundusz kierownictwo szkoły serdecznie z góry dziękuje.



As my time in Ghana draws to an end, I must admit I'm still up to my ears in terms of work! After nearly two years of being in Ghana, my term is to end soon, in August. Although my struggles and success have been many, I haven't always found the time to share the good and bad news with people back at home. Many of you have asked me to write more about my peace corps experiences, and I'm sorry I haven't been able to kept up with my side of the communication lines (after all, I'm stuck most of the time in a remote village, so my access to Internet and mail is limited). But let me just sum it all up by saying how amazed and inspired I am by the experiences and people I have met while working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana!!

Today, I'd like to write about a special project, for which I'd like to appeal for help. Please also forward this email to any person you know who might be interested in contributing.

The school at which I'm teaching lacks so many resources, which really hinders the children's learning. The biggest problem at our school is the lack of decent buildings and learning materials helpful in the education of deaf children. As such, my school's headmistress, some concerned staff members, and myself have put together a proposal, seeking funds to build for our school a computer laboratory and library.

As a reminder, I'm teaching at a school for deaf children. Savelugu School for the Deaf is a boarding school for both primary and junior secondary level students (the equivalent of elementary and junior high). There are currently enrolled 240 students. SAVEDEAF is 30 km north from Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana. The people of Savelugu are peasant farmers and the main economic activity is subsistence farming.

Since the original construction of the school campus in 1978, the Ghana Education Service has not financed the building of any new structures, which are drastically needed to support the school's vast expansion in student enrollment. Every year we have to turn away dozens of hopeful applicants because the school does not have decent facilities to accommodate a larger student population, meanwhile, SAVEDEAF is the only deaf school for the entire northern region (There are only 12 deaf schools across all of Ghana). Our dormitories are overcrowded, our kitchen struggles daily without a constant supply of water or fuel for cooking, our classrooms looks like abandoned jail cells and our text books have more stains and tears than legible text. The attached photos of our campus show the dire conditions in which the students live and learn.

We have approached local organizations, businesses and government for funds to build our proposed computer laboratory and library, but have unfortunately received only disappointing rejections. Ghanaian culture and government still has a very stigmatized approach towards hearing disabled persons, and in general deaf persons are marginalized as persons incapable of making significant contriubutions to society. Thus our school receives very little assistance in terms of education materials and resources for development.

Meanwhile our students are seriously struggling on a daily basis to live decent lives, and to gain their basic education.The students' hearing disabilities establishes a reliance on visual explanation of lesson topics. However the lack of quality educational resources and teachers specifically trained in deaf education available to special schools significantly hinders comprehension of curriculum and training in life skills. When explaining difficult topics, teachers must grapple with advanced sign language vocabulary or attempt to draw diagrams.

Thus we are appealing for donations to enhance the quality of instruction of students, by funding a facility that can create access to valuable learning materials that address the complexity of deaf education. With a modern facility, teachers would be able to easily explain difficult topics through showing pictures or videos at the computer laboratory, or referencing illustrations and books at the library.

Furthermore, the proposed facility will improve extracurricular learning and entertainment through the establishment of clubs, which will meet regularly at the computer laboratory and library. The computers will also assist the school in administration procedures and assist teachers in making higher quality educational materials.

If you have interest in making a donation to support our project, please continue reading for instructions on how to donate, or you can go to the peace corps website and find my proposal under 'Volunteer Projects' --Ghana--Computer Lab--S. Krewin--project number 641-226.

We have an official bank account opened through the Peace Corps website, to which you can electronically donate money. Or if you can't keep up with modern technological conventions, you can send a check to addressed to my parents, who will in turn pay the amount into the account set up for the proposal.

Grazyna Krewin
13007 SE 203rd PL
Kent, WA 98031

The proposed building is estimated by the contractor to take no more than 2 months to build, so we are hoping to finish the fundraising by the end of MAY . That way we can build the facility during June and July, thus making it possible for me to finish my volunteer service according to my initial contract. Other wise, if the project is unable to be successfully completed before August, I will consider extending my service so that the precious work we did does not go to waste. (Peace Corps policy does not let volunteers hand over their major projects to subsequent volunteers.)

Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated, as not even the tiniest gesture of humanity will ever go to waste!

Please also ask your employer if they support a Matching Gift Program.

Thanks for your concern and generosity in hearing our plea! On behalf of the students and staff at Savelugu School for the Deaf,

You can also write the check for: Peace Corps OPSI
in the lower right corner write Sabrina's project no. 641-226
and mail it to the address:

Peace Corps OPSI
Partnership Program
1111 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20525

Sabrina Krewin

Click here to view the project on line or to donate to this project now!

The following information is posted at the Peace Corps website:

Computer Lab and Library

Location: GHANA
Volunteer Coordinator(s): S. Krewin of WA

Funds Needed:  $13,706.00
Original Request:  $13,706.00

Project Number: 641-226
Community Contribution: $4,569.00 (25%)

This proposal provides access to teaching and learning tools that are critical to the special and complex needs of hearing disabled students. Computers can electronically store and retrieve a great variety of learning materials for the children who depend on visual explanations. Savelugu School for the deaf received donations of nine computers and 400 books but has no place to set them up and teach with them. The school is requesting financial assistance, to add to their existing resources, to construct a secure, simple, two-room computer lab/library for an effective learning environment. With a population of 20 million, Ghana has only twelve schools for the deaf. Only three have modern facilities that include a computer lab and library. Schools for the deaf must teach the same national curriculum as a regular public school, yet they lag behind in dozens of way: lack of textbooks, outdated textbooks, teachers untrained in sign language, shortage of classrooms, overcrowded dorms, no access to water. (Students walk three kilometers to collect water in buckets at an irrigation dam.)

Acquired computer skills will expand employment options and life skills for deaf Ghanaians who historically have high rates of unemployment. Access to computers will support school administrative tasks such as managing student records, enrollment and budget.

Donate to this project NOW!


Participation is simple!

Ask your employer if they support a Matching Gift Program.  Obtain a Matching Gift form from your employer's human resources or payroll department.  Complete the donor section of the form and submit it along with your donation. If you donated on-line please send it separately with a note detailing your on-line donation, to the following address:

Peace Corps
1111 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20526.

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