Juliusz Słowacki Polish School in Seattle, WA

                            Principal - Maria Grabowski - 425.271.3669

The Polish School in Seattle (Szkoła Polska im. Juliusza Słowackiego) is a wonderful place which welcomes everyone who wants to learn Polish. Our students are children from Polish and “mixed” families, as well as English-speaking adults. Every Monday students of all ages come to the Polish Hall for classes in Polish language, history, geography, and, once a month, they learn to sing Polish songs. The school teaches literacy skills in Polish (reading and writing) and offers a solid grounding in Polish history, culture, and traditions. The classes are small and age-appropriate, the atmosphere is very friendly and warm, yet the program is relatively rigorous. (Yes, there is homework! J) We welcome everyone who wishes to learn Polish in Seattle. Come and join us, the more the merrier!

Enrollment begins each September, but you can join any time. Please contact the principal.

2014/2015 School Fees:

The yearly fees are:

The fees can be paid in full or in two installments:

We appreciate your timely payments! Please write checks to SZKOLA POLSKA. It is possible to break up the fees into more installments. Please contact the director and the treasurer if you need to do so.

The tuition can be changed at any time subject to the school bylaws.


Textbooks can be purchased directly from the teacher. They are chosen based on their quality, the needs of the students, and price. The school makes every effort to ensure that the materials match the students’ needs. They are delivered to the students no later than the third week of classes and are sold at the lowest price possible.

Donations to the School:

The Polish School in Seattle is a nonprofit organization financed through student fees (tuition) and donations from organizations and individuals. Many teachers are volunteers, others are paid a very modest stipend to cover their transportation costs. All donate their time to prepare and hold classes. Parents organize and volunteer for special events and bring snacks for the children and adults on regular class days.

All donations can be sent directly to the school, or to the Polish Home Foundation. Direct donations up to $500 are tax-deductible and may qualify for the matching gift program. Your help will be much appreciated!







2014/2015 Class Schedule:


Polish School starts on Monday, Sep 16 at 6:00 PM

2014/2015 Class Times

Classes take place on



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