Movies about Seattle Polish Community

Movies about Seattle Polish Community

Polish Film Club OKO and Polish Home Association invites you all for second chance to see the documentaries about our local Polish community that have premiered at the Seattle Polish Film Festival.
Passing the Torch: 100 Years of the Polish Home Association,  35 min,  dir. by Michal Pietrzyk & Ryszard Kott.

Bronka, Lady of the Mountain / Kobieta Skała, 18 min, dir. by Monika Meleń

A Piece of Poland in Seattle / Kawałek Polski w Seattle,  25 min, dir. by Monika Meleń,

Having different perspective, these three movies together create a vivid portrait of the local Polish community with its rich history and active cultural programs as it celebrates its centennial. Please come to cheer our anniversary at the movies!


November 16, Friday at Polish Cultural Center
7 pm socializing & film intro, 7:30 pm screening
Free admission; restaurant downstairs will be open


About movies:

Passing the Torch: 100 Years of the Polish Home Association
This movie has been produced by the PHA historical video and oral history project in 2017 & 2018. Based on dozens of interviews and a wealth of historical materials it shows the rich history of the Polish community through different eras and the role PHA and the Polish Home played as the anchor of Polish life in Seattle and the Washington state. It shows achievements and initiatives that transformed the Polish Home from an ethnic fraternity into a vibrant cultural center presenting Polish culture and traditions.  Trailer of ‘Passing the Torch’

Bronka, Lady of the Mountain / Kobieta Skała
This is the second documentary created by director Meleń during her visit in April 2018. The film shows a profile of Bronka Sundstrom, a 93 years old mountaineer guide who lives in a house near the Mt. Rainier National Park entrance.

Bronka Sundstrom, oldest woman (77) to summit 14,411′ Mount Rainier. To the summit  and back to Paradise in 19 Hours.  More about Bronka’s story.

A Piece of Poland in Seattle / Kawałek Polski w Seattle
This movie, commissioned by PHA, shows the Polish community through the eyes of the Polish director Monika Meleń, it was shot during her visit to Seattle in April 2018. Footage of different events happening at that time illustrate the current cultural life of the community while interviews with PHA members show different ways and reasons for Poles to immigrate to the Seattle area.



Starts On

November 16, 2018 - 7:00 pm


Polish Cultural Center

1714 18th Avenue
United States
P: 206-322-3020
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