Polish School

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all classes are currently offered online. We are closely monitoring the situation and will review the options for in-person learning when public health officials advise it is safe. The safety and will being of our students is our number one priority!

The Juliusz Słowacki Polish School is located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood in the historic Polish Home building. Our students are children from Polish and “mixed” families, as well as English-speaking adults. Under the guidance of dedicated, experienced teachers they learn to read, write and speak Polish. They also learn about Polish history, traditions and culture. The classes are taught in a pleasant atmosphere, but with a serious approach to the material.

We welcome everyone who wishes to learn Polish in Seattle.


“I would strongly recommend the Polish school to students at any level. After a year, I went from not speaking a word of Polish to being able to have a conversation, order food, and shop at a store in Polish. Ania is an excellent teacher, the books and online material are very helpful and the classes are always engaging!”


I love my Polish class! It’s amazing to see the progress that our class has made over the course of a year from not even knowing how to introduce ourselves, to now being able to hold a conversation in the language. Ania puts a lot of effort into making the classes engaging and ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to practice speaking. In addition to learning the language, we also go beyond the textbook and learn about Polish culture and the country, which has been really fascinating. I highly recommend the class to anyone with an interest in Polish language and culture.

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