Ryszard Lidzbarski

I came to Seattle in Feb,1979 and fortunately for me – I was not alone as many of emigrants as I had quite a few family members already here – uncle, cousins and my brother – George. It was crucial timing in history of Polish Home and community as number of post WW II emigrants was declining and everybody was very much welcomed to became member of Polish home and help anyway possible – fresh energy was much needed. At that time Roman Golubiec was president of Polish Home so with him and other newcomers and with financial help from Edward Lidzbarski we started to organize disco, polish soccer team and other events to bring back to Polish Home as many new members and friends to enjoy polish festivities and continue traditional celebrations – New Year ‘s dance., bazaars, Christmas and Easter dinners and others. Throughout all my years living in Seattle area me and my wife Zofia we are very proud of being part of Polish Community and always try to help as much as possible. Currently I am member of Board of Directors and hopefully will be able to work and support Polish Home in many years coming.