Results of the 2018 PHA Elections

The elections were held on January 28, 2018. There were 182 PHA members out of 422 eligible members present in person or represented by proxy; this is 43.13% of eligible voters. The quorum for the election meeting is 30% and the election for the Officer and Trustee positions had duly taken place.

Below are detailed results of the elections.

Officer Elections

Officer Position: Candidate Votes For Votes gainst Votes Total Elected
President: Paweł Krupa 176 4 180 Yes
Senior Vice President: Zbigniew Pietrzyk 138 24 162 Yes
VP of Financial Planning: Lidia Jaskłowska 176 0 176 Yes
Treasurer: Roman Rogalski 167 12 179 Yes
VP of Administration: Paul Griffin 165 9 174 Yes
VP of Culture: Barbara Strutyński 168 8 176 Yes
VP of IT: Bohdan Raciborski 157 1 158 Yes
VP of Remodeling: Bartek Pawluskiewicz 164 2 166 Yes
Correspondence Secretary: Jolanta Paliswiat 165 2 167 Yes
Recording Secretary: Hanna Karczewska 165 0 165 Yes
Social Chair:   Ania Horodetska 168 6 174 Yes

In the Officer elections, there were 180 votes cast and 50+%, that is 91 votes, were required to be elected; hence all the candidates have been elected to their respective positions.

Trustee Elections

Trustee Candidate Vote For Elected
Jerzy Augustyniak 180 Yes
Lucyna Błońska 179 Yes
Wanda Cieślar-Pawluśkiewicz 150 Yes
Janusz Golubiec 171 Yes
Irena Kulik 179 Yes
Richard Lidzbarski 167 Yes
Olivia Miasik 166 Yes
Marian Olech 173 Yes
Zdzisław Olejniczak 166 Yes
Andrzej Pawluśkiewicz 176 Yes
Krzysztof Poraj-Kuczewski 154 Yes
Henryka Posłuszny 179 Yes
John Rogers 167 Yes
Marian Strutyński 182 Yes
Jolanta Szymański 154 Yes

In the Trustee elections, there were 182 votes cast and 50+%, that is 92, votes were required to be elected and all the candidates have been elected to their respective positions.

The Election Committee certifies the above to be true results of voting.

Jerzy Baginski
Asia Jeziorska
Henryk Myslak
Adam Nawrot
Mietek Kulik
Grzegorz Oprzadek

Saettle, 01/28/2018

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