Call for Family Photos: Polish Festival Seattle Community Exhibit

At this year’s Polish Festival Seattle, we would like to celebrate members of our Polish community in a photo collage project. We are asking any and all people of Polish heritage to provide photos of themselves or family members currently living or have lived in the Pacific Northwest. You may have just moved here, or you may have lived here for generations, it doesn’t matter! The photos will be displayed around local history posters. We hope to end up with a collage of the hundreds of many faces that make up our Pacific Northwest Polish community!

For security, we prefer photos that have been scanned and reprinted, not originals. The paper quality is not important, but reproductions should have a clear image and be no larger than 8×10”. All photos should include who is pictured, the location and the year. You may bring your photo(s) on the day of the festival, or email the scanned image with details to Emailed images must be sent by June 30, 2019. Any photos to be returned, please include name, address, phone and email on the back.

Please contact with any questions.