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The great tradition of Polish cinema has been to look into Poland’s turbulent history and to understand how it affects the lives of its protagonists. The end of World War II 75 years ago brought Poland peace, but denied us our freedom. Only with the arrival of the Solidarity movement in 1980 could Poles rekindle their hope for true independence. 

The protagonists of ReverseLittle Rose, and All That I Love all grapple with the post-World War II reality of communist rule in Poland and work to maneuver their way through it. Importantly, these films are great examples of accessible and commercially successful genre films that address themes previously reserved for grand national epics such as Wajda’s works and the moral anxiety of 70s arthouse fares with their chief representatives, Kieślowski and Zanussi. The films in this showcase were made quite recently and are based on events and issues still discussed in Poland yet lesser known to international audiences. Thus, they offer unique insights not only into these events, but, just as importantly, contemporary interpretations and discussions surrounding historical facts. 

The difficult choices that characters in these films face are presented in a broad array of genres. You’ll be laughing and falling in love together with Sabina, the heroine of a retro comedy thriller (Reverse); weeping with Kamila, a young woman at the center of an impossible love triangle (Little Rose); and coming-of-age together with a young alternative rocker, Janek and his love, Basia (All That I Love). We also hope to surprise you with one more great movie – a crime thriller where contemporary events are entangled with an old, dramatic story from Poland’s communist past.

The showcase is organized by the Polish Film Festival in Miami and the Embassy of Poland in Washington D.C. in cooperation with the Documentary and Feature Film Studios (WFDiF) and the National Film Archive and the Audiovisual Institute (FINA).

Discover these “Stories from behind the Iron Curtain”!

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