Learn to Speak Polish this summer!

Dates:June 21 – August 23, 2021
Tuition Fee:$165
Included:10 meetings online
Final Exam
Certificate of attendance
Time:6 pm – 8 pm
Days:Mondays – beginner’s and intermediate levels
Size of group: maximum 10 students
Contact:Milena Dickens

Course description:  Our online course is aimed at adults who want to learn Polish from scratch or strengthen their current knowledge of the Polish language. The teaching methods used are designed for the needs of foreign language learners in the new era of distance learning. Carefully selected content and materials allow the students to improve their vocabulary, writing, reading, and grammar, in addition to practicing their pronunciation, conversation, and listening comprehension.
During the courses, students not only improve their language skills, but also learn about the culture, history, and traditions of Poland, which helps them better understand the spirit of Polishness.
The course instructors are qualified teachers with experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language at every level. They are professionals who are passionate about teaching Polish and dedicated to helping their students achieve their goals.

About the manual

Polski, krok po kroku introduces students to the Polish language and culture step by step. It is written exclusively in Polish in order to immerse learners in the new language from the beginning.
Grammar problems are introduced in context and a variety of exercises allow the student to acquire the practical aspects of difficult Polish grammar. The manual is supplemented by an exercise book.
Both the manual and exercise book come with audio CD’s which provide listening exercises.
Krok po Kroku also gives access to its own website with a variety of exercises, texts, and recordings.
Stempek, Iwona, et al. 2013. Polski, krok po kroku 1. Glossa. Kraków.
Stempek, Iwona i Małgorzata Grudzień. 2014. Polski, krok po kroku 1: Zeszyt ćwiczeń. Glossa. Kraków.
Stempek, Iwona i Anna Stelmach. Polski, krok po kroku 2. Glossa. Kraków.
Stempek, Iwona i Anna Stelmach. Polski, krok po kroku 2: Zeszyt ćwiczeń. Glossa. Kraków.
Internet version of the textbook, dictionary, and more available at e-polish.edu

Polish language teachers for this class are professionally qualified and energetic who love their job. They are all native speakers and have experience in teaching Polish as foreign language at every level. Teachers know how to lead diverse groups with understanding of all differences and needs of each participant.

Before starting your Polish language course, you will take a language test online, click here.

The course ends with a final test.  You will receive a certificate of attendance.        

Registration Form email to milenap7@gmail.com