We’re looking for a Chef for our Kitchen

Do you like cooking? Maybe dream about cooking for a wider audience? Great! We’re looking for a Chef for our Kitchen! Contact us at info@polishhome.org with the title: “Chef for Friday Dinners”

Full Job Description

The Cook is responsible for preparing and serving dinners for up to 100 people that meet the standards of Polish cuisine.

Essential Job Duties:

Once a week meal preparation and clean up: Prepare and cook Polish meals for up to 100 people Set up and remove all meal service items Clean kitchen including countertops, sinks, walls, floors Assist with supervision of volunteers engaged in food preparation. Provide safe, friendly, respectful meal service Help monitor food inventory Understand and implement safe sanitation and food handling practices Ability to work respectfully with a diverse population and maintain appropriate boundaries

Work Environment

This job operates in a kitchen environment, housed with equipment such as an oven, stove, dishwasher, slicer, coffee machine, tilt kettle, mixer, and chef’s knives. The employee is frequently exposed to heat, steam, fire, and noise.

Physical Requirements

The employee is required to stand for prolonged periods of time and frequently required to reach, lift, bend, and stoop, and occasionally required to kneel and climb. The person in this position must be able to push, pull, and carry hot and cold vessels weighing 10 -30 pounds, and lift items weighing up to 50 lbs. This position requires manual and physical dexterity; auditory and visual skills.

Required skills/abilities

Proven cooking experience

Ability to read and execute recipes

Organizational skills

Ability to learn and take direction from the meal program manager

Ability to work under a deadline and with a sense of urgency

Must be a reliable and punctual employee

Ability to work respectfully with a diverse population and maintain appropriate boundaries

Job Type

Temporary Pay: $20.00 – $21.00 per hour


Two 8 hours shifts

Thursday: food preparation

Friday: food preparation and serving


WA State Food Handler’s Permit (Required)

Work Location: Polish Home Association