Learn Polish in the summer of 2022!

Join our Polish courses! Adults online, and children in school program!

  • July – August
  • Weekly meeting!
  • 2 clock hours per meeting
  • $100 per month tuition fee!

Registration here

Or email: polishschool@polishhome.org

Call: 206 775 5039
Size of group: Minimum 3 students
Maximum 10 students
• Flexible time and Day (according to instructor)
• Beginner level
• Intermediate level

Our online course is aimed at adults who want to learn Polish from scratch or strengthen
their current knowledge of the Polish language.
The teaching methods used are designed for the needs of foreign language learners
in the new era of distance learning. Carefully selected content and materials allow the students
to improve their vocabulary, writing, reading, and grammar, in addition to practicing their
pronunciation, conversation, and listening comprehension.
During the courses, students not only improve their language skills, but also learn about
the culture, history, and traditions of Poland, which helps them better understand the spirit
of Polishness.
The course instructors are qualified teachers with experience in teaching Polish
as a foreign language at every level. They are professionals who are passionate about teaching
Polish and dedicated to helping their students achieve their goals.