Financial and Tax Planning for Foreigners Living in the USA

Financial and Tax Planning for Foreigners Living in the USA

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Financial and Tax Planning for Foreigners Living in the USA

When foreigners move to the USA, they face a very different financial environment.  While disposable income is often much higher here, major life expenses (retirement, kids’ education, healthcare, and the costs of possible adverse life events) are often higher and more of a personal responsibility.  Thus, one has to prepare and save accordingly.

In addition, there are multiple phases in the life of a foreigner living in the US (pre-move; while living in the US; and another one when possibly leaving the US) and each of these phases can require specific planning.  Immigration status enters in as well, since the IRS often treats foreigners living in the US differently than US citizens.

Research shows that families moving to the US are often unprepared and uninformed about the US financial environment, that they are slow to learn about the issues, and they often hesitate or can’t easily find experts to help them.

In this brief seminar, we will provide very high-level information about the areas foreigners living in the US should focus on:
Financial planning and investing by Leo van Dorp, Wealth Manager with International Focus
Tax planning and reporting by Suzanne Kane, International Tax Attorney
Trust and Estate planning by Akane Suzuki, Trust and Estate Attorney with international focus


This seminar is a part of “Witamy w Ameryce!” – series of seminars for Young Polish Immigrants, presented by Polish Cultural Center.

The series will include topics related to: real estate (buying first home, investing in real estate); general legal advice; education and school systems; public speaking; natural/alternative medicine (Remedia naszych babc); history of Polish community in Seattle; as well as technology in everyday living for seniors. 

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June 13, 2018 - 6:30 pm


Polish Cultural Center

1714 18th Avenue
United States
P: 206-322-3020