Learn to Speak Polish this summer!

Summer Online introduction to Polish language for adults. Everything you need to know to get you started with your Polish studies. If you already have basic knowledge of Polish, we offer intermediate level as well.


Results of the 2021 PHA Elections

The elections results were announced on February 28, 2021. 168 PHA members out of 294 eligible members returned their voting ballots; this is 57% of eligible voters. The quorum for the election meeting is 33% +1 and the election for the Officer and Trustee positions had duly taken place....

UPDATED: Polish Home Association Election

Due to the current situation, COVID-19 pandemic and state wide restrictions on public gatherings, the Polish Home Association annual meeting will be held virtually on ZOOM, on Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 3:00pm.

Elections of the Officers and Trustees of PHA will be held by mail according to the updated Election Procedure for 2021, approved by the PHA Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees.


Komunikat Wyborczy Towarzystwa Domu Polskiego

Ze względu na obecną sytuację, epidemię COVID-19 i stanowe ograniczenia dotyczące zgromadzeń, Doroczne Zebranie Wyborcze Towarzystwa Domu Polskiego (TDP) odbędzie się w tym roku wirtualnie na ZOOM w niedzielę 31 stycznia 2021 o godz. 15:00.

Wybory członków Zarządu i Rady Opiekunów odbędą się korespondencyjnie zgodnie ze zaktualizowaną procedurą wyborczą na rok 2021, przegłosowaną przez Zarząd TDP i Radę Opiekunów.


Learn to Speak Polish this this fall!

Polish School in Seattle is starting enrollment for the 2020/2021 academic year. Enrollment ends September 30, 2020. Everything you need to know to get you started with your Polish studies. If you already have basic knowledge of Polish, we offer intermediate, and advance level as well.
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Support our Polish Cultural Center!

GIVE BIG fundraiser is back!
This year we need your donations more than ever. All your generous donations will directly support the Polish Cultural Center. Due to Covid-19 we had to cancel all our activities including Bazaar, Pierogi Fest and dances. Restaurant and bar are also closed. These events and activities were going to support all planned renovations in our over 100 years old building.
All donations to the Polish Cultural Center fund that are processed through the Seattle Polish Foundation are tax deductible and eligible for employer matching.

Hurry up, Wednesday (May 6th) is the last day!


Increased scam and phishing activity during the epidemic

I noticed that scam attacks increased significantly in those hard times so I prepared a short note to help you discover those emails and protect yourselves.
To start, here are few absolute rules:

  1. Never open attachments in an mail from an unknown source
  2. Never click on a link/button in an email from an unknown source
  3. If it’s an email from a known source, never open attachments that contain an executable file, i.e. have an extension .exe, .vb, .php, . html, etc…
There are few very simple methods to detect a suspicious email....


At this difficult time of the virus epidemic, we will bring help to the elderly and those who, because of existing medical problems, should not leave their homes. We will provide necessary groceries, supplies and medicines.
We have a list of volunteers, but we are still looking for contact with all those in need. Please contact us if you need such assistance or, if you know someone who could take advantage of such an action, let them know how to contact us.
Contact for people in need of assistance: pomoc@polishhome.org or help@polishhome.org
Volunteer contact: ochotnicy@polishhome.org  or  volunteers@polishhome.org