GiveBIG 2023 New Floor for the Polish Home Ballroom

We are raising funds to replace the floor at our prestigious ballroom. The floor is so thin that it can no longer be sanded and recoated. The new floor will cost $70,000. We secured some funds but still need $50,000 to start the project. Come to dance classes and events at our ballroom to see how beautiful and wonderful it will look with a new floor. Thank you for your support!


Dinner Fundraiser for Ukraine

Please come to hear and see wonderful efforts of Americans and Poles to support Ukrainian Defenders at this critical time! This beautiful and fun dinner will raise money for the Night Vision Goggles! The event will include appetizers and a fantastic Polish dinner by chef Kamila. There will be silent auction items and desserts to bid on as well as raffle ticket prizes to win. Please reserve by June 5th. Tickets are $50.00 per person. For tickets visit UDS Donate Page. In "My donation should pay for" select "June 10 dinner"...

New Baroque Music Concert

We are delighted to announce a music concert featuring authentic baroque violin and French double keyboard Harpsichord. The concert will feature the incredibly talented Ada Witczyk, a champion of contemporary music for baroque violin. Register...


Polish Home Association Annual Trustees’ and Officers’ elections were held on 1/29/2023. A five-person Election Commission (Hanna Karczewska, Hanna Krupa, Mieczyslaw Kulik, Ziomek Pawluskiewicz and Krzysztof Jasklowski – chairman) was responsible for collecting and counting of the votes. (Krzysztof Jasklowski excused himself from votes’ counting as his wife was running for a PHA Officer position)....

2021 Fundraiser

Donate $25 or more and we'll ship a free gift, the exciting history book of PHA 100 Years of the Polish Home Association. Don't forget to provide your shipping address.

100% of the funds collected are used to operate and run the Polish Home Association.

Would you like to know:
When did Jimi Hendrix play at one of the Polish Home evening dances?
Which movie was smuggled out of Poland to Seattle in 1986?

Yes? Get our exciting anniversary book for a $25 donation and find a lot more secrets!

100% of the funds collected are used to operate and run the Polish Home Association.


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