2020 GiveBig Fundraiser

Great thanks to all donors who contributed during the 2020 GiveBig fundraiser. We raised over $5,000 from 54 donors. Thank you for your generosity.

We wanted to say thank you to the Polish Scouts for their work during this virus epidemic. We were so very touched by their outreach in March at the beginning of this lockdown. Even though we did not need to take advantage of their very kind offer of help, we wanted to let them know how meaningful this was. We have made a donation to the Medical and Emergency Fund in appreciation of their work. Thank you again for such a wonderful project and helping our community!

Pamela Chytla Forsha & Brian Newell


Increased scam and phishing activity during the epidemic

I noticed that scam attacks increased significantly in those hard times so I prepared a short note to help you discover those emails and protect yourselves.
To start, here are few absolute rules:

  1. Never open attachments in an mail from an unknown source
  2. Never click on a link/button in an email from an unknown source
  3. If it’s an email from a known source, never open attachments that contain an executable file, i.e. have an extension .exe, .vb, .php, . html, etc…
There are few very simple methods to detect a suspicious email....


Polish Bazaar

Polish Bazaar… at Home!

We had to cancel our annual Bazaars at the Dom Polski w Seattle_Polish Cultural Center this year, but we can still help you finding a unique and thoughtful gift for our loved ones. Shop local and support our Polish artists and business owners!...

List od Rodziny Kowacz

Z ogromną przyjemnością publikujemy list, który otrzymaliśmy od Magdy Kowacz, a który napisany został przez jej męża. Magda i Oleg wraz z dziećmi mieszkali przez dwa lata w małym domku na terenie Domu Polskiego. W październiku 2020 wrócili do Polski....


All events at Polish Home are cancelled until further notice

Please stay tuned. We will be posting updates on a regular basis.


Bar is open at the same time as restaurant. We serve a great selection of Polish beers, liqueurs and vodkas as well as cocktails and wine....


The Polish Home Library is a non-profit organization and part of the Polish Home Association. The Library is very fortunate to have many old, and recently published books in Polish. There is also a large section with books for children....

Polish School

The Juliusz Słowacki Polish School is located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood in the historic Polish Home building. Our students are children from Polish and “mixed” families, as well as English-speaking adults. Under the guidance of dedicated, experienced teachers they learn to read, write and speak Polish. ...


The upstairs hall, one of the most beautiful ballrooms in Seattle, features about 3,500 sq. ft. of hardwood dance floor, bar, stage, and a set of restrooms. The occupancy of this unit is 250 people. There is an elevator providing easy access. Downstairs contains a smaller hall with stage, bar, kitchen, and another set of restrooms; with the occupancy of 150 people....


We value and appreciate your feedback. Inquiries, comments, suggestions are welcome.


1714 18th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 322-3020

Email: [email protected]

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