Polish Home Association’s website is a great place to advertise your business!


  • Members of Polish Home Association: $300 for 12 months per advertisement.
  • Non-members: $500 for 12 months per advertisement.

PHA may change the pricing at any time. The changes in pricing would not affect active advertisements until the expiration of the 12-month term.

Ad formats:
At this time we can accept only photo/graphic ads. Content of the advertisement must be provided by the advertiser but PHA reserves the right to evaluate the content and graphics as well as make necessary changes to make the advertisement more visually attractive and aligned with our website design. The Minimum recommended image width and height in pixels is 1000.  Advertiser is also required to provide a link to the business’s official website or Facebook page.

Polish Home Association reserves the right to refuse advertising of any business at our discretion.
Please forward your inquiries to or