Board of Trustees

Allison Wobbrock

Seattle has been my home for the majority of my life and the Polish Home has been my second home always. My entire family has been involved at the Polish Home as long as I can remember. My father served as the president, my mother is a part of the Kolo Pan. I was a part of the Mlodie Polanie group from ages 6-16 and now my children participate in the group. I have grown up helping at the Bazaars and countless other events hosted by the Polish Home. I helped teach Polish to the youngest group of the Polish…

Andrzej Pawluskiewicz

I was the bartender in the lower hall and have assisted with many projects of repairs and remodels in the Polish Hall over the years. The screen project and freezer project were 2 recent projects. I am a member of the Board of Trustees and have volunteered at other events, celebrations and ceremonies in the past.

Gzegorz Grabski

I was a member of the Vivat Musica choir and assisted in the technical and installation project of the screen and projector. I also developed a procedure for he use of the new system and steps for renters I am a member now of the Board of Trustees.

Henryka Posluszna

I have been a member of the Polish Home for many years and the Board of Trustees for 3 years where I work with the audit committee. In addition to this, I am the treasurer for the Polish Women’s Club and I work with the Polish Scouting group, Hufiec Kaszuby.

John Golubiec

I have been involved with the Polish Hall from times as a child as a waiter in the hall at Bazaars and then in various capacities with the PHA. I was on the Board of Trustees as a member for 2 years and then elected President of the PHA for 4 years from 2008-2012. This was a honor to complete the building addition and paying down the loan debt for the work. I am now President of the Board of Trustees and 2 years ago elected the President of the Seattle Polish Foundation. Along with other members of the Trustees…

Jola Paliswiat

My family is one of the “new wave” families of Polish immigrants brought to the area by growing IT industry. After noticing the disconnect from the Polish community that many of the newcomers are facing, I created in 2011 a Facebook group called “Polki na Eastside i w Seattle”, a safe place for Polish females to connect and get answers for all big and small questions related to living in the Northwest. I have a long history of volunteering. After moving the USA I got involved with the Mountaineers, where for years she was climbing instructor and event coordinator. Since…

Jola Szymanska

I moved to the USA in the 90’ and live in Kirkland with husband and mother. I am a long time member of Polish Women’s Club (Koło Pań). I volunteer for the Polish Festival Seattle and other events at the Polish Cultural Center and in the Polish community. I am owner of Viola Cleaning Service and Viola’s Polish Donuts, Paczki & Pastry, a local bakery specializing in traditional Polish pasties.

Krzysztof Poraj Kuczewski

I have been a member of the PHA for many years and I am on the Board of the Trustees and Seattle Polish Foundation. I was involved in the screen project and working to bring films to the PHA with Kino OKO. I also have been involved with the Festivals and other events and celebrations at the Polish Hall and in the community.

Lucyna Blonska

I arrived in Seattle in 1979 and quickly found out then volunteered at the Polish Hall. I assisted with organizing various parties and events at the Polish Hall. I found out that there is a Koło Pań ladies organization and became a member there as well . From 1990 I was VP of Parties at the Polish Hall on the Board and helped with dances, balls and New Years balls . I have also assisted in bazaars, festivals and ceremonies over the years. At this time I am a member of the Board of Trustees and Koło Pań.

Marian Olech

My volunteer work for Polish Home begun 20 + years ago. For 15 years I am member of the Board of Trustees . I work at Cultural Events Department trying To be active at cabaret “TO I OWO ” and other cultural events like Mlodzi Polanie and Scouts. I would like to continue being involved in Polish Home association, now – with my family as well.

Olivia Miasik

I was born and raised in Seattle. Growing up, I was actively involved in groups associated with the Polish Home. I attended Polish School, and was a member of Harcerstwo and Teatr Biedronka. I’ve also served as the editor of the Polish newsletter, Nasz Dom. Currently, I’m on the Rada Opiekunow and sit on the Audit Committee. I’m a University of Washington graduate from the Foster School of Business. I started my career at KPMG and currently work in internal audit at Starbucks. In my spare time, I enjoy running, camping, hiking, long walks with my dog, and I also…

Ryszard Lidzbarski

I came to Seattle in Feb,1979 and fortunately for me – I was not alone as many of emigrants as I had quite a few family members already here – uncle, cousins and my brother – George. It was crucial timing in history of Polish Home and community as number of post WW II emigrants was declining and everybody was very much welcomed to became member of Polish home and help anyway possible – fresh energy was much needed. At that time Roman Golubiec was president of Polish Home so with him and other newcomers and with financial help from…

Wanda Pawluskiewicz

I have volunteered and assisted at the Polish Hall and been member of the Koło Pań and the Board of Trustees. I have volunteered at the bazaars and various festivals and ceremonies at the Polish Hall.

Zdislaw Olejniczak

After arriving with my family in Seattle we became managers of the PHA and responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Polish Hall. This includes many functions and organizing and renting the halls. My wife and I as well as our children have been active in the PHA as well as taking part and volunteering for ceremonies and festivals over the years. I am a current member of the Board of Trustees.

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