Board of Directors

Erik Lidzbarski


Jola Paliświat

Senior Vice President
I live in Kirkland with my husband and two young daughters. I moved to WA 15 years ago from Poland (from a small village near Zielona Góra). I hold master’s degree in education/social work. I got involved in the Polish community in Seattle few years ago, when I was staying at home with my kids. I started as a volunteer for Polish Festival and a vendor for Bazaars. Later I was elected for the Board of Trustees and in 2018 for Board of Officers. I’ve been a member of the Board since then. I am still involved in Bazaars, as a marketplace coordinator, and I volunteer for major events in the Polish community. I am a member of Polish Seattle Foundation and Polish Ladies Club “Koło Pań”.

Lidia Jaskłowska

VP of Financial Planning
Seattle area resident since 1996. Joined PHA in 2004 and has been serving on Board of Directors since 2014. Recently retired from Telecom industry and ready to pursue her dream of sailing, extended travelling and just doing nothing.

Roman Rogalski


Gigia Domanski

VP of Remodeling

Paulina Phung

VP of Culture
If you hear someone yelling and running in heels in PHA that’s most likely me. The only member of ‘Polish Women’s Club’ that can’t cook. Currently running a small beauty studio in West Seattle. I’m really passionate about sailing and traditional Polish dances.

Halina Cewe

VP of Entertainment

Adriana Olewska

Recording Secretary

Magdalena Wysocka

Correspondence Secretary
I live in Kirkland with my husband and our dog. We moved to USA a little over 2 years ago from Ireland. I hold a master’s degree in Economics. I got involved in the Polish community right away after we moved here. I started as a volunteer with preparing dumplings for bazaars, later as a volunteer for the Polish festival, and worked with a few kinds of workshops in Polish home.
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