At this difficult time of the virus epidemic, we will bring help to the elderly and those who, because of existing medical problems, should not leave their homes. We will provide necessary groceries, supplies and medicines.

We have a list of volunteers, but we are still looking for contact with all those in need. Please contact us if you need such assistance or write to us if you know someone who could take advantage of such an action.  Even better, let them know that the assistance is available so they can contact us. We ensure confidentiality.

Contact for people in need of assistance:  or

Volunteer contact:  or

Telephone contact (for all): (206) 322-3020

How will we help?

  1. we will provide grocery and medicine from the pharmacy. 
  2. don’t have funds for shopping? We will still help!

Who helps?

The action was created by Polish Scouts ” Wędrowniczki Morowe Panny””, in cooperation with Parents and Leadership from the Polish Scouting Organization in Seattle. Organizational matters will be dealt with by the scoutmaster Ania, scoutmaster Monika and members of the Board of Polish Home Association.  The action has organizational and financial support from the Polish Home Association (PHA), the Seattle Polish Foundation, the Polish Women’s Club “Koło Pań”,  and people of good will.

Volunteers visiting our seniors and other people in need of help are the girl scouts from the “Wędrowniczki  Morowe Panny” division and members of the local Polish community. 

All volunteers are adults.

Where do we help?

Our volunteers are now available in Snohomish, King and Pierce counties. 

Who do we help?

Poles and people connected with the Polish community in WA who, because of their age, disability or illness, cannot leave their homes.  

We will also bring supplies to people/families who are quarantined because of or suspected Covid-19 and cannot, for various reasons (e.g. age) make grocery purchases online.

Want to join?

  1. help us find people who need our help!   We ensure confidentiality – both the reporting person and the reported person
  2. do you have a car and a few hours a week?  Join a group shopping and transporting them to those in need
  3. support us financially (funds will be directly used for purchases for those in need, who cannot, for various reasons, cover the cost of purchases). Please make a donation to the Seattle Polish Foundation, select Medical and Emergency Fund .

How will we stay safe?

We understand that, people we plan to help, need to be extremely careful in times of the epidemic.  Scoutmaster Ania has many years of experience in the care of the elderly and the chronically ill and she will supervise our volunteers and introduce procedures to take all necessary precautions.    

Purchases will be left at the door of people receiving help. We will not bring purchases to the house/apartment.  Our goal is to eliminate people-to-people contact as much as possible.

All volunteers are adults.

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