• Polish Home Association Annual Trustees’ and Officers’ elections were held on 1/29/2023.
  • A five-person Election Commission (Hanna Karczewska, Hanna Krupa, Mieczyslaw Kulik, Ziomek Pawluskiewicz and Krzysztof Jasklowski – chairman) was responsible for collecting and counting of the votes. (Krzysztof Jasklowski excused himself from votes’ counting as his wife was running for a PHA Officer position).
  • Total number of the ballots mailed to the PHA members was 349.
  • Total number of ballots returned was 176.
  • Quorum of 30%+1 was met (176/349=50.4%).
  • A candidate for President received required 50%+1 votes (174/176=99%).
  • New Board of Trustees and Officers have been elected.

Below are detailed results of the elections.

Officer Elections

Officer Position:CandidateVotes ForElected
President:Lidia Jasklowska174Yes
Senior Vice President:Erik Lidzbarski173Yes
Treasurer:Roman Rogalski168Yes
VP of Financial Planning:Adriana Olewska169Yes
VP of Remodeling:Gigia Domanski168Yes
VP of Comm. & Membership:openN/AN/A
VP of CulturePaulina Daniszewska167Yes
VP of Entertainment:Halina Cewe168Yes
Recording Secretary:Beata Oprzadek170Yes
VP of Information TechnologyDariusz Mokwa173Yes
VP of AdministrationopenN/AN/A

In the Officer elections, there were 168 votes cast and all the candidates were elected to their respective positions.

Trustee Elections

Trustee CandidateVote ForElected
Olivia (Miasik) Blandy160Yes
Wanda Cieślar-Pawluśkiewicz162Yes
John Golubiec166Yes
Asia Gromadzka155Yes
Pawel Krupa164Yes
Irena Kulik158Yes
Henryka Posluszny159Yes
John Rogers159Yes
Anna Staszak155Yes
Marian Strutynski159Yes
Michael Strutynski160Yes
Viola Szymanski153Yes
Ala Pawluśkiewicz-Wobbrock165Yes
Lucyna Błońska-Yates157Yes

The results of the elections were certified and signed off by Hanna Karczewska, Mieczyslaw Kulik, Ziomek Pawluskiewicz and Krzysztof Jasklowski. (Hanna Krupa was present for mail-in votes counting but absent at in-person voting).

Signed by:       Krzysztof Jasklowski

                        2023 PHA Elections Commission Chairman