Chopin – Mortal Man, Immortal Genius

Enter the fascinating world of the famous Polish composer. Fryderyk Chopin, as he struggled to compose his wondrous masterpieces while fighting a terrible chronic illness. Many examples of his musical works will be performed by four award-winning local young pianists.

Arabelle Grote, Teachers : Ni Liu & Peter Mack

Nicholas Grote, Teachers : Ni Liu & Peter Mack

Travis Lee, Student at the Chopin Academy of Music

Colin Sica, Student at the Chopin Academy of Music

Dr. Steven Lagerberg is a physician with a forty-year career in Internal Medicine, a medical administrator, founder of the NW Council of the Chopin Foundation of the United States, a recognized Chopin scholar, and author of “Chopin’s Heart, The Quest to Identify the Mysterious Illness of the World’s Most Beloved Composer” and “Essays on Chopin.” His persistent efforts to open the crypt of Chopin in Warsaw’s Holy Cross Church proved successful in 2014 and his predicted diagnosis of the composer’s illness was confirmed.

Sunday, June 4 · 6 – 9pm PDT at Polish Home Association 1714 18th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122

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